The Millennium Alumni Network is a network of scholarship laureates from across Canada who received the Millennium Excellence Award Scholarship over the past ten years. The Millennium Scholarship Foundation partnered with DreamNow in order to hold a series of events that connected and engaged the national network and allowed for individuals to take a break from their hectic academic and extra-curricular lives.

Secret Correspondence is that event which was held in fourteen Canadian cities throughout February and March of 2009. The information on this site highlights some of the forts, letters, and stories that we gathered from these cities across Canada.

The Millennium Scholarship Foundation

The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation provides students with opportunities to pursue the post-secondary education they need to prepare themselves for the future.


DreamNow is a charitable organization that produces ideas that do good for the world.

As a producer, we bring together people, raise money and plan for the growth of ideas that we believe will do good for the world. We are a charity but some of the ideas we help grow are social enterprises while others are more traditional such as research programs.